Foods with more sugar than you think


Hey everyone, Kory here from Deep Creek Fitness on a beautiful Friday. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting workouts in before they head to the bars and beeches for fun! This week I came across an eye-opening article on the amount of sugar in some products one might not expect it. So this blog post is going to shed some light on how much sugar is in products you may be eating and not even know how much sugar you are getting from those products.

Anyone eating raisins for a snack every once in a while? Ere may be good raisins out there if you live close to a whole foods market or flea market, but for me, and for a lot of others, all natural raisins are hard to come by. Raisins are dehydrated fruit which gives each raisin more sugar per volume, but because most of it is natural then it isn’t bad. What some people don’t know is that when dehydrated fruit becomes too tart the manufacturer will add more sugar to add sweetness, causing calories to add up quickly. 1 cup of raisins lends a whopping 97.66 grams of sugar to your diet. More sugar than a regular sized McDonald’s McFlurry at 84.81 grams.

Most if the time sweets have more sugar than savory foods like chicken or steak. When it comes to Chinese food, it is the exact opposite. Chinese restaurant staple dishes like orange chicken pack an extreme punch of sugar due to the sugary sauces they are prepared in. 1 serving of orange chicken has 88.13 grams of sugar, which is savory in comparison to the less sugar packed McDonald’s staple Triple Thick Chocolate Milkshake which has 63.09 grams.

Coleslaw is all good right? You guessed it, it’s not. Containing almost as much sugar as a McDonald’s Warm Cinnamon Roll (25.87 grams) at 25.86 grams. Commercial coleslaw contains added sugar so that customers keep coming back for more. A little tip, make your own and skip the added sugar.

Savory foods contain sugar and so do the toppings you add to savory food. Pasta sauce happens to be one of the culprits. A 1/2 Cup of Prego Chunky Garden Tomato, Onion & Garlic Italian Sauce contains 10.38 grams. Yeah it takes time to make your own healthy sauce, but it can be stored in a freezer for long periods of time, so do that instead and save yourself the sweetness and the added pounds to your frame.

Another tomato based product with sugar is canned tomato soup. Since when does a 1/2 Cup of Campbell’s give you the same amount of sugar as a 3/4 Cup of Lucky Charms?! They both contain about 10.22 grams of sugar providing you with more than the daily recommended limit.

It’s true. Not all yogurts are created equal. More often than not, yogurt has added sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor due to the low fat content. A  Yoplait Light Very Vanilla yogurt can get you a sugary breakfast maxing out your recommended sugar amount by the last spoonful. Go for Greek instead because then at least you will be getting a good serving of protein with the sugar.

I mentioned tomato sauce before in this post, and what has tomato sauce? Pizza! A frozen pizza, whether it says it’s organic or not, contains added sugar, at nearly 7.10 grams per slice on a simple cheese pizza. So add toppings, dipping sauce, and, if your like me, eat the whole frozen pizza (on cheat day, of course) and you will have a large serving of sugar for the day…I mean week.

The process of breaking down tomatoes to make into ketchup can lead to a very acidic flavor once it is ready to be bottled. That’s why manufacturers add sugar so it doesn’t taste that way once you pop the top. In 1 Tbsp. of Heinz you will get 4 grams of sugar. Doesn’t sound like much, but add it to everything you eat on a day grilling and you can get the number beyond four pretty easily.

Well that’s all from me everyone, hope is info helps get you to your fitness goals. Make the little changes and eventually they add up, just like calories! Continue to avoid the cake and candy and add these to the list. While I only listed 8, make sure you are doing your research and seeing what else out there contains stealth sugar. If you find anything astounding, post it in the comments for us to look over too! Follow us on Facebook, like our page, and checkout our weekly workout videos as well. Keep striving DCF Fam…

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